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about sisi's Erotic, Chinese & Tantric massage styles 

As a professional Asian massage therapist for 15 years I'm trained & experienced in expert Tantric Massage. Over time I've developed my own unique massage style; a blend of Asian, Traditional Chinese Massage (TCM or 'Tui-Na') & tantra massage techniques customised to individual client needs & preferences. There's a lot of confusion surrounding different massage styles so scroll down the page to find out more. First & foremost, your pleasure is my priority! So guys, whatever you THINK you might want, whether it be erotic massage, tantra massage, Thai, Asian or Chinese massage, prostate massage with happy end, body to body massage, nude massage in London, rest assured Sisi Erotic Massage London W1, has the skill and desire to deliver IN FULL, read more...

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Chinese Massage

Modern Chinese Massage: A firmer deep tissue massage style delivered with plenty of energy and force designed to ease tension, promote relaxation, encourage flexibility, and renew balance to your body and mind. I do table top-based massage to leverage my strength and offer different body positions to provide the right amount of stress-relieving pressure and tension at the right angles to deliver the best massage experience to my clients. 

Your body and mind will understand immediately when I put my hands and feet on you that you are in the hands of a trained professional masseuse. I begin the massage with several minutes of slow warm up massage to prepare your body and mind for things to come. I then transition to deeper muscle manipulation and massage. I work on large muscle groups of your body first, and then shift to smaller muscle groups. Your entire body from head to toe will be massaged. If needed, I will focus on specific areas and muscle groups of your body.

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Tantric Massage

The goal of my tantric massage is to trigger your mind and body to release pleasurable hormones such as dopamine to help you feel fantastic, happy, and refreshed. Tantra massage focuses on pure sensual heightening to bring your mind and body to a level which awakens your inner desires, usually climaxing with one or more strong pleasurable contractions and spiritual release. At the very least, you will experience waves of pleasure and feel a prolonged sense of sensual arousal. 

I enlist all your senses along with my professional massage techniques to tease your mind and body to sexual bliss. I will use a lighter touch massage with warm un-scented oil and plenty of attention to your erogenous zones, including perineal area, nipples, scalp, neck, pubic hair line, thighs, feet and other areas depending on what I discover about your mind and body as I touch you. My tantric massage can be bespoke tailored to your liking, &/or elevated still further: see 'erotic massage' below

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Erotic Massage

Are you looking for the ULTIMATE gift to yourself? To awaken pent up sexual energy, heighten your awareness of it, and to celebrate it? Learn to 'love yourself' & leave feelings of shame, guilt or fear surrounding sexuality behind. Gain knowledge on how to let go. 'Easier said than done' you might say given today's mad world. Yet erotic massage in London by Sisi can & likely will, rekindle a spark & help restore libido.  

'Sacred Spot' is the area between first & second sphincters within the anus, recognised in Tantric terms as the gateway to the 'second chakra' (energy centre). Deeper still, lies the P-spot. The prostate is a highly sought after area of pleasure because it, as well as the sacred spot & anus itself, is surrounded by nerve endings. A climax from stimulation of these areas is way more intense than an orgasm achieved simply by masturbation of the penis. Often it's a deep 'full body' experience with rhythmic after-shocks. Interestingly, these kind of orgasms take less out of you in the physical sense, and you'll find you can 'perform' more readily afterwards compared to 'normal' orgasms.  Once you've experienced true prostate joy, there's no going back. Furthermore, a small study in 2006 suggested there may be health benefits in prostate massage. 

Erotic massage from Sisi starts the same as Tantric Massage, then progresses by mutual consent to massage of the nerve endings around the anus. My magic (gloved) fingers will rim you in a circular motion, relaxing you. Slowly moving onward & inward to your sacred spot, breath control techniques & massage of this area promotes deeper relaxation, causes hip and abductor muscles to decompress, inducing incredibly pleasurable sensations. Next, & reaching deep, I use alternating pulsing & sweeping motions to milk your prostate. All this in combination with me stroking 'other areas' induces single or more usually multiple orgasms in most men, aka Happy Ending Massage. There is no fixed routine for this massage & I have no expectation of reciprocation from you. Just enjoy your time with me.

So what now? Click the text button, message me & Start A Conversation! I respect your privacy. I ask the same of you. Please be mindful of agreed limits. Our massage time spent together is a non judgmental atmosphere of trust, professionalism & understanding. My private massage place is located in a clean, safe secure residential block. I will confirm the address upon booking confirmation

Peace out, Enjoy life, Live the adventure 

Sisi 🙂 


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